6 Ways To Maximise on Natural lighting

Sometimes, in an effort to brighten dark rooms in your home, all you may need to do is make changes to your décor. However, in some situations, this alone is not enough. And, the reality is that to bring more natural light into your home, the best option is to structurally modify it. Opting for this can benefit you in ways other than being able to exploit natural lighting. For instance, it also enables you to be energy efficient because you may not need to incorporate too many light fixtures to illuminate your home.

Below is a short list of ways that you can maximize on natural lighting. This list can also guide you if you are house hunting or constructing, or simply looking for a place to rent.

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Strategically Place Windows

Several windows strategically installed to capture the most daylight possible

Bring in pockets of natural light to dark areas of your home by strategically placing windows in areas where they can capture the most daylight possible, throughout the day. Make sure that lighting gained from these window placements is in harmony with the design of your interior spaces.

Opt for Large Glass Windows

Large windows installed to capture the most daylight possible

It is evident that the larger the window, the greater the amount of light that filters into your space. Thus, the brighter your home will be, and the larger the rooms will appear. Consider incorporating large windows in those rooms where family gathers most: living room, kitchen, dining room. But do not limit yourself; you can certainly install large windows in your primary bedroom and bathroom. In no time, you will see the great difference that these changes bring to your home. If you wish to be more energy efficient, opt for fiberglass framed windows. The fiberglass frame, which can last for decades, is able to hold heat and keep cold air out.

Choose Glass Entrance Doors

Glass entrance Doors

These aesthetically appealing doors elevate your space and definitely your interior design. The natural light that the solid door and/or wall keeps out, freely enters your house through glass doors. There are several types to choose from, so you can be energy efficient, while experiencing optimum privacy.

Use Glass Walls and Partitions

Glass Partition Wall

There are several types of glass walls and partitions which permit varying degrees of light to filter through. In order to get the best amount of natural lighting possible, you need to opt for clear glass. However, the clear glass walls and partitions do not provide any type of privacy. So, for daytime privacy you can install a One Way Window Film, and at nights, you can simply close your curtains, blinds, or shades.

Go for Skylights and Glass Roofs

Skylights in Bedroom

Skylights and glass roofs are roof glazing systems. They are energy efficient ways of bringing natural light straight into rooms and spaces of your house. Plus, they add great aesthetic appeal to the design of your home.

Opt for an Open-Concept Layout

Open Concept Layout

This is a great way to exploit natural lighting, making frequently used spaces (kitchen, dining room, and living room) much brighter. Natural lighting from windows is able to freely flow in, illuminating the entire space, or much of it (this depends on size and location of windows). Whereas, this is not possible when solid partition walls are in the way. If you are searching for a place to rent or buy, consider adding this to your wish list.

I hope this list has helped you in one way or the other. All the best in your journey to achieve a brighter, energy efficient home.