Reducing “Clutter”

At certain points in our lives, we have to deal with having too much stuff. By too much, I am not referring to the stuff that we hold on to, or just keep around, yet they don’t serve any meaningful purpose in our lives. I am talking about the things that we actually do need, but don’t know how to organize in such a way to avoid cluttering up our homes.

That’s exactly what I am going to help you with. Below are 7 simple ways to effectively keep your space tidy.

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1. Use Storage Bins and Baskets

You can neatly organise various items in bins and baskets: items that you use daily, as well as those that you use rarely or seasonally, such as winter items (garments, footwear, or linen). Not only does this free up space, and keeps things organised, but your belongings are protected from destruction by natural elements, your wondering tots, your pets, and insects. You can store the bins in closets, in cupboards, pantries, under beds, or in your garage.

2. Use a Closet System or Organiser

The closet system or organiser allows you to neatly organize your garments, footwear, and everything in between. You can get one that fits perfectly into your closet or simply against a wall. Likewise, if you have the available space, a wardrobe can be used. This clutter-free system is also ideal because it helps you to easily locate specific everyday items.

3. Opt for a Bathroom Vanity with Storage

Bathroom vanities are highly functional decor pieces. They can also fit beautifully into the design of your bathroom. If you’re not already using one, consider implementing it into your bathroom decor. Primarily, they provide an ideal storage solution, especially if your bathroom is small. You can declutter your entire bathroom space by keeping items such as linens, beauty products and toiletries in the storage compartments. Some vanities even come with concealed outlets; a nod to minimalism.

4. Use Bookshelves

If you or your entire family are book lovers, shelving is the perfect solution to keep clutter at a minimum. And, having your books organised, makes it quite easy to situate particular titles.

5. Try Kitchen Storage Accessories

There are a number of storage accessories that can be used in your kitchen cabinets, pantries, and on the countertops to minimise clutter. Most importantly, kitchen storage units serve to keep food items, utensils, appliances, and other kitchen accessories and gadgets safe and properly organised.

In partnership with KonMari, The Container Store is introducing their new collection of sustainable organizers exclusively designed by Marie Kondo. Shop Now!

6. Use Bathroom Storage Units

The bathroom is a very important room in the house. And, I believe it should be the cleanest of them all. Storage units should be utilised here, to prevent clutter and mess. Create more vanity counter space by keeping your sanitary, beauty, medical products, and linens neatly organised on a shelf, inside a cabinet, linen closet, or any other type of bathroom storage. Altogether, this gives your bathroom a cleaner look and feel.

7. Maximise on Garage Storage Shelving

The garage is one of the best storage areas for various indoor and outdoor items. It is also the final destination for excess, unwanted, and unused stuff; but this is no reason for this space to look like a junk yard. There are shelving units created specifically for garage storage and organization. Consider using this option to create a safe, clutter-free garage space.


For some of us tidying up can be a hassle. And what happens sometimes is that we start organizing one room, and before finishing there, we end up organizing a different room. This can definitely lead to frustration because it gives us the feeling that we created more clutter, and got nothing done. However, taking one room at a time allows you to see the progress that you are making, and it should definitely make the process easier! Also, consider making (and using) a checklist of the rooms that you need to tidy, as well as the storage items you may need to purchase or build yourself.